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As we head into 2023 at SAUCE Advertising, we’re always coming up with new plans and strategies to serve our customers. Part of that involves researching the latest advertising trends for the year ahead. Staying engaged with these trends gives us a competitive edge—and helps us keep your brand fresh.

Our experts gathered some of the latest trends for you below. Read them over and give us a call.

Top 2023 Advertising Trends

1. Capitalizing on User-Generated Content

Creating content is important to your business and advertising plan because it helps you build a relationship with your customers. It allows you to interact with them by answering questions and providing valuable information. This helps position you as an expert in your business.

But how do you start? If you need to generate new and engaging content for your advertising, look no further than your customers, or even your employees. Their rave reviews and positive experiences can go a long way in adding authenticity to your brand or service. And not only that—they can also be repurposed into all different kinds of content, whether included on your website, posted on social media, or used in email marketing. Some examples of user-generated content?  Think customer reviews, photos, product reviews, newsletter articles, case studies, and more.

Of course, gathering this type of content can be a challenge. Be proactive in asking for reviews. Be sure to engage with your customers on social media. And most importantly, plan to create these opportunities when you engage with customers for the first time. Offer incentives to customers to encourage their participation, like a discount on a future purchase or service. For example, at SAUCE, we offer our proprietary Rate Our Business program, which helps our clients gather these reviews every time they perform service for a customer.

2. Creating Videos

Videos provide you with an opportunity to share an inside look at your company and help bring your brand to life. They are simple and inexpensive to create and can be shared among multiple platforms for maximum impact.

The key? Keep them short to hold your viewers’ interest. For example, this video that we shot and edited for one of our clients is only 29 seconds long—just enough to capture attention, say our piece, and get out.

3. Using a Conversational Approach

When it comes to interacting with your customers, sometimes less is more. Using a more conversational tone on social media and other communications—and even occasional humor if it fits with your brand—can provide a more casual and welcoming experience for your customers.

This is a method we use every day at SAUCE. Many of our clients are customer-facing, so using a conversational tone helps strike home—it appears less stuffy and more natural, similar to how people talk in real life.

Here are some of the ways we do this for customers:

  • Use shorter words, sentences, and contractions (“it’s” instead of “it is,” for example)
  • Tell your customer a story or share a personal experience
  • Ask your customers questions to engage them

4. Include Social Advertising

Did you know that the number of social media users is expected to grow to almost 6 billion by 2027? It’s no surprise then that paid social advertising is here to stay for 2023 and beyond. Using platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram can reach huge audiences and help you build your brand—and business.

We should know: Adding social advertising to our clients’ ad plans was our number one recommendation for 2023. It’s a powerful form of marketing that reaches customers no matter where they are. Ask us how it can benefit you!

Make SAUCE a Part of Your New Year

Like every year before, 2023 will present its own set of challenges to business owners—but it’s also an opportunity for new and innovative ways of thinking. With SAUCE on your side, we can help drive your business forward by crafting an advertising plan that’s perfectly tailored to your business and services. Want to learn more? Call us or send us a message online.

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