Boards help decipher between advertising myths and facts.

Advertising is a necessary part of business growth, but even just the word advertising can seem daunting. At SAUCE, it’s our job to make the process as easy as possible from start to finish. That’s why our experts are busting four common advertising myths below. Read on to discover the real deal about the business, straight from our experts.

Myth #1: Advertising Is the Same as Marketing

Think of it this way: Marketing is the filet mignon—advertising is the seasoning. The two are related, but they aren’t interchangeable.

Marketing is the overall strategy of promoting your business, product, or service. From putting together a plan and choosing the best avenues of attack to market segmentation, it all falls under the more general umbrella of marketing. On the other hand, advertising is just one piece of the puzzle. It’s the act of putting your message or product in front of your consumer base, whether on TV, social media, or elsewhere.

Myth #2: Great Products and Services Sell Themselves

What good is a useful product or service if no one knows about it? Even the most essential services—such as grocery stores or gas stations—know that not only does advertising help them get noticed, but it also helps set them apart from the competition.

Think about McDonald’s. The brand is a household name, yet they spend millions of dollars on advertising. Why? To stay relevant, and to keep their brand alive and well in the minds of their target market.

Myth #3: One Marketing Strategy Fits All

All that being said, what works for McDonald’s won’t work for every company out there. Especially for small businesses, testing the waters is crucial to finding success. For example, you can start by advertising on Facebook or, for more visually impressive products, on Instagram. If users interact with your content there, then you know those avenues can work for you, and you can ramp up your efforts there. If not, then you can see how well a direct mail campaign or buying digital ad space works for you.

The bottom line: You have to find what works specifically for you.

Myth #4: “Shotgun Advertising” Works

Shotgun advertising is a strategy that involves throwing a few ads out into the world and seeing what happens. While throwing a bunch of darts at the board can work in a game of darts, that won’t cut it in advertising.

“Consistency is key,” says Tina Chovanec, president and owner of SAUCE. “While it might benefit you to test the waters in certain cases—on new social media platforms or in broadcast, for example—consistently advertising in places that you know will work can help you succeed in the long run. You have to give advertising time to stick or build momentum.”

From there, it’s a matter of keeping that consistency throughout the ads themselves. From the voice in your copy to the design of the actual ads, you can further develop their trust in you and build a strong base.

Myth #5: Advertising Strategy Takes Too Much Time

Quality and pragmatic advertising strategies do take time—so this one is partly true. The good news is that SAUCE is ready, willing, and able to take that over for you. Our team has partnered with companies that both specialize in business-to-business (B2B) sales and in business-to-consumer (B2C) sales. Our bottom line? We help small businesses grow and big ones get even better.

Busting advertising myths and creating a full-service strategy tailored to your needs is what we do—and we’re good at it. Call us today to see what we can do for you.

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