Female voice artist records radio advertising spot in booth.

In our world of digital advertising, it might be easy to overlook radio advertising and miss the opportunity to reach its many loyal listeners. The reality is many people are still tuning into both traditional radio and streaming audio frequently, reaching 92 million adults each week.

Like TV advertising, radio is a traditional and highly effective way to build your brand’s relationship with customers. Read on to see how similar these media platforms can be—and one important way they differ.

The Benefits of Radio and TV Advertising

Radio and TV advertising have similar benefits. They both:

  • Lend credibility and build trust with your business.
  • Set your company apart from your competition.
  • Highlight your products and services in a way that your customers will remember.
  • Facilitate long-lasting brand awareness.
  • Position you as an expert provider.
  • Leverage your ad spend through a sponsorship—you can feature your business as a sponsor for local weather, traffic, or news updates.

Choose Radio to Stretch Your Advertising Budget

While a combination of radio and TV advertising is ideal if you can swing it, radio can be a better fit based on budget, provided your brand and target audience are a good fit, too.

“Radio is the more cost-effective option when you factor in radio commercial production,” says Tina Chovanec, owner and president of SAUCE Advertising. “Our agency, for example, can write a script that’s tailored to your audience. We can customize your ad and produce it with the agency’s preferred partner or a radio station, based on your budget, with lengths ranging anywhere from five to 30 seconds.”

Another perk? “Radio has a good ROI and allows your commercials to reach a wide audience wherever they are,” Tina says.

Add SAUCE to Your Radio and TV Mix

When it comes to determining any media advertising opportunity, your best option is to work with an agency that can provide expert media strategy and media buying services with creative and project management services in-house. And that’s exactly what SAUCE provides. From planning and writing ads to auditing invoices, our dedicated team will verify that you get what you pay for—and handle any hiccups along the way.

If you’re ready to add radio or TV advertising to your business advertising strategy, get in touch with SAUCE today. We’ll help point you in the right direction—and help you maximize your advertising dollars. Call SAUCE today or contact us online.

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