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TV advertising has changed a lot since the first-ever commercial aired in 1941. And in a world where everything is going digital, it’s easy to dismiss broadcasting entirely in favor of something more targeted. But take it from the experts here at SAUCE Advertising: You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. In fact, with impressions-based media buying, there is no “one or the other.” Below, our pros explain how this model can help you increase the targetability of your ads—and how that ultimately can save you money.

What Does Impression-Based Media Buying Mean?

TV is broad. Whether it’s the news, a sporting event, or a scripted show, millions of people watch at any given time. So when you run an ad on TV, you’re pitching to all those different people at once—even though only a fraction of them are a part of your ideal target market. And in the days when people are cutting cords in order to switch to streaming television, you could be missing your customers altogether.

That’s where impression-based media buying can change the game. It’s a model that enables you to find your exact target audience across networks, platforms, and devices and show them your TV ads. Not only does this eliminate the guesswork involved in traditional cable-box TV advertising, but it enables you to reap those benefits and more—see below.

Advantages of Impressions-Based TV Advertising

Targeted Reach

When it comes to brand recognition and getting your name out there, TV advertising is often the most effective strategy. Impression-based TV buying lets you take that to a whole new level. It enables you to zero in on your target audience only, no matter whether they’re using platforms like Hulu or a live-TV streaming service.


You might think of TV advertising as an expensive method meant for someone else.

That’s simply not true.

It’s more affordable than you think, and with impressions-based and digital buying methods, your dollar stretches even further. You get to put your message in front of the right people and only the right people—you’re not wasting money and effort on audiences that you know won’t do business with you.

Long Exposure

While people spend a lot of time online or on social media, the same can be said for TV. Most people will sit down for an extended period of time to watch their programs, which can range anywhere from a half-hour news show all the way to three or more hours for a football or baseball game. The longer that program is on, the more likely it is for your ad to be shown. It could even play multiple times, which can help potential customers remember you.

Enhanced Credibility

From social media to YouTube, you can hardly log onto the Internet without seeing a ton of ads. The sheer amount of them can make it hard to separate truly great products or services from fake or scammy ones.

But TV ads are different. TV advertising is seen as more esteemed, honest, and professional. In fact, TV was found to be the most trusted form of video advertising—even compared to those found online.

Our Experts Can Help

At SAUCE, we have the media-buying expertise to help you find the right opportunities for your business and buy them. And not only that—we can help you from the very beginning of the advertising process, from script writing to actually shooting the commercials. You can get everything you need working with us.

So let us do the heavy lifting while you reap all the benefits and advantages of TV advertising. Call us today or contact us online.

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