Team members put their hands in after a co-op advertising win.

Your business is only as successful as its marketing plan. For a lot of SAUCE Advertising clients, that includes taking advantage of cooperative funds to reduce their out-of-pocket advertising costs. But what is co-op advertising, and how can it benefit your company? SAUCE breaks down the answer below (and when you’re ready to take advantage of these partnerships, give us a call at 262-650-8300).

What Is Co-op Advertising?

Co-op partnerships between a manufacturer and a retailer are designed to support mutual growth and leverage budgets by offering financial and marketing support. Both parties often share local advertising costs in exchange for brand-specific mentions.

What Criteria Do You Need to Meet?

Manufacturers only pay a portion of marketing costs for businesses within their franchise—or that sell their products or services—if specific criteria are met. Rules may include:

  • Showing a logo
  • Mentioning a tagline or brand name
  • Sharing current incentives

Dealers like you would then submit a claim, and the manufacturer would reimburse them for qualifying ads. In essence, it’s free money for advertising and an ideal way to help build your local company by selling more products from a national manufacturer.

Steps to Co-op Success

It’s been estimated that manufacturers offer more than $50 million in co-op funds each year—the majority of which go unused. Taking advantage of that money can help keep you a step ahead of your competition, especially when you partner with an agency like SAUCE that knows how to maintain that relationship.

Our co-op savvy team crafts unique messaging, submits drafts for approval, supplies required documentation, works with manufacturer billing departments, and is available to answer questions you have along the way.

Give Co-op Advertising a Try

Understanding the co-op process and knowing how to use available funds can be overwhelming for a small business owner. But making your advertising dollars go further is all part of a hard day’s work here at SAUCE. We understand and can handle both creative and co-op compliance for print, web, digital, direct mail campaigns, and more. That means you get unique and effective ads that promote your individual brand without you having to pay through the nose for it.

So take the next step in moving your business forward—establish a co-op partnership with SAUCE and your industry manufacturer. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Get started by calling us today at 262-650-8300.

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