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Yes, we all receive a ton of email—so much, in fact, that nearly 350 billion emails are projected to be sent worldwide in 2023. But there’s a reason for it: It works. Email marketing is a simple and fast way to promote your brand, making it an essential tool for your business. How essential? The experts at SAUCE Advertising share a few reasons why sending customer emails is an effective and professional way to advertise.

Results Are Measurable and Fast

When you send an email, you’ll know exactly how successful it was by looking at its open or click-through rates. This data is indispensable in helping you understand how your marketing efforts are shaping up and how well customers respond to your messaging. If something isn’t quite working, you can tweak it for the future at little cost to you.

And with mobile devices, customers will receive your emails quickly. How fast? About 22 percent of emails are opened within the first hour they’re sent.

You Can Create Personalized Content

Email marketing makes personalization easy. Something as small as including your contact’s name in your greeting or subject line can establish a sense of connection for your customer.

But personalization isn’t limited to names. You can target specific customers at designated times with emails as well. The platform even lets you recognize a customer’s personal details, such as their birthday or anniversary of doing business with you, and send reminders or thank yous. Whether you’re appealing to a potential customer or a regular one, sometimes timing is everything. Email marketing allows you to work that angle to your advantage.

It’s Easier to Keep Tabs on Customers

Not sure where you stand with your customers? Email marketing is a sure way to find out. By sending out surveys or links to rating websites, you’ll figure out where you might need to improve and fine-tune your customer experience as a result. And on top of all that, positive ratings can be repurposed in other marketing efforts as well—add five-star reviews to your website or share them on social media for the world to see.

In essence, email allows you to communicate openly with your customers and keep them engaged with your business.

Emails Can Bring More Traffic to Your Website

Sending your customers emails goes beyond promoting your products and services. It can also serve to send your customers back to your website, where they can learn more about everything you have to offer. Every email sent includes a call to action, which encourages your customer to take the next step in their sales journey.

You’ll Provide Your Customers With Free Resources and Information

Email marketing isn’t just a tactic to get your customers to buy from you. It also provides a way for you to offer your customers resources and information that helps them feel good about doing business with you. For example, if you send your email list a link to a recent blog post, you’re providing customers information and assistance free of charge—while also giving them a chance to explore your website and other products and services they still might need.

You Can Integrate It With Your Social Media

Another reason why email marketing is so important? It integrates seamlessly with other tools, including your social media channels. Include links at the bottom of your emails to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages to drive customer involvement in those areas as well.

Up Your Email Marketing Game With SAUCE

Whether you’re a new or long-standing SAUCE client, we’ve got the right mix of email marketing strategies to help level up your advertising and emails. We’ll help you find ways to engage your customers like never before. Our creative team is with you during every step of the process, so you’ll feel more confident than ever when it comes to your advertising plan.  When you’re ready to take the next step with SAUCE, give us a call or contact us online.

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