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If you’re looking to make it easier for customers to find your business website, then you need search engine optimization—or SEO. A set of practices that help make your website more visible in search results, organic SEO is a complex, behind-the-scenes process that can help your web page rank higher online and increase your web SEO traffic.

As useful as SEO is, it can be a challenge for businesses to master because it requires consistency and expertise. “SEO is a high-level, targeted skill set,” says Tina Chovanec, president of SAUCE Advertising. “But with SAUCE on your side, it’s easy because we manage the SEO experts and strategy for you—while keeping you informed every step of the way.”

Read on to learn more about SAUCE’s SEO services and how they can drive organic traffic to your business website.

Two Types of SEO

First, let’s break down the two types of SEO. Pay-per-click (PPC) or Paid Search are two forms of paid SEO that allow you to purchase ads to place your business at the top of a search page (we only recommend Paid Search, which provides more budget control). The other form, which we cover in more detail below, is organic SEO. This strategy uses back-end website programming and optimized content to rank your page higher on search pages.

The key to staying on top of search results for both? Maintaining a consistent, ever-evolving strategy that meets the needs of your customers and the information they’re searching for. That involves continuous monitoring and optimization of content.

Keep Your Website Fresh—Behind the Scenes

A good SEO strategy involves constant reinvention, both behind the scenes and in the content contained on your site. These tactics are used to tweak your page’s SEO and boost it over time.

“Customers should never be done with their website,” says Tina. “They should always be investing in fresh content and consistent, organic SEO.” This means you should periodically review your website keywords, update your pages with original content, and fill them with information your customers are searching for.

Much of your website’s SEO traffic is tied to what goes on behind the scenes. SAUCE provides a monthly service with different package levels, completed by trained programming experts. They include these tasks and more:

  • Google search console monitoring: Allows you to view your site’s Google Search results so you can better optimize content to bring in more traffic.
  • Keyword tracking: Monitors how well your website ranks for keywords, backed by data and metrics.
  • Meta data optimization: Analyzes and finetunes your site metadata to increase your visibility in search engines.
  • Link-building campaigns: Includes links from external websites in your content to increase your site rank.

SAUCE also offers additional SEO services, including enhancement keyword research, competitor keyword tracking, and backlink update/verification.

SAUCE’s SEO Services

In addition to the services above, SAUCE keeps you informed on your organic SEO results and business website rankings with quarterly and annual reporting. Not only does this provide insight into your site’s progress, but it can also show how rankings have changed over time.

“At SAUCE, we make sure that we follow up our processes and tactics with reports that back the work we do. We show you the incremental changes over time that have a positive impact on your SEO results and show your website is performing,” says Tina.

Are you ready to increase your SEO traffic with SAUCE’s SEO strategy and packages? Call SAUCE today or contact us online.

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