Press goes to work on print advertising and distribution.

In a world that relies heavily on social media, smartphones, and the Internet, it’s easy to look past print advertising. However, doing so is a mistake for your business. In this blog, SAUCE Advertising explains the benefits of print advertising, why it still matters—and how the right mix of print and digital can be the secret recipe to your business’ success. Have questions? Give us a call.

The Importance of Print Advertising

As digital advertising has become more popular in recent years, SAUCE president and owner, Tina Chovanec, has warned clients not to drop the traditional print side. “Ultimately, you need to have a balance between the two,” she says. “And that’s because the two types work together to strengthen your overall advertising strategy.”

Building Trust and Relationships

If you don’t think customers are still reading direct mail or other print pieces, think again. Not only are they reading these pieces, but they’re also using them to make important connections to your business.

“The top benefit of print advertising is its relationship and trust-building factor,” Tina says. “When people see a direct mail postcard or a newspaper ad, they make that connection when they’re online. And there’s a greater likelihood they’re going to make the click or call.”

Print advertising has other perks, too, including higher engagement and the ability to target very specific audiences.

Print Advertising by SAUCE

Interested in print advertising for your business but don’t know where to begin? It all depends on your goals. SAUCE can help you get started. Our print expertise runs the gamut. Here are some examples of the print projects we work on for our clients.

Print Ads

If you’re a B2B manufacturer and are introducing a new product, print ads for trade publications should be a crucial element in your strategy. This is a great way to gain entry into new markets—and you can easily customize print ads based on the specific publication and targeted audiences.

Direct Mail

If you’re a contractor in the consumer space, direct mail not only provides an instant connection between your customer and your business, but it can also serve as a multi-purpose tool. For example, a direct mail postcard can be sent to customers, or you can use it as a piece in your showroom that customers can take—or as part of a sales discussion. These pieces can also keep your existing customers informed of new products, programs, and promotions.

Product Literature

Product literature, such as larger brochures, allows you to focus on specific products and services you want to target. If you’re a contractor in the consumer space, this is especially useful to help guide customers who are planning on making a large investment in their home. Product literature also provides space to share insight into your company as a whole—all to help build trust and credibility with customers.

Finding the Perfect Balance

When should you choose print advertising over digital? “It’s not a straight line,” says Tina. “It all comes back to the strategy. The mix can be based off tactics you’ve done with success. Either way, you need to have a strong, traditional component to your advertising mix to maintain or build trust with your customers.”

Getting Re-Acclimated With Print

If you’re ready to step up your print advertising, SAUCE is ready to have a conversation with you. We’ll help you develop a strategy to tie into your digital advertising plans and goals. We make the process easy for you. Want to learn more? Call us or send us a message online to get started.

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