Graphic designer plans website design based on optimal user experience with pen and paper.

Your website is one of the most powerful marketing tools on your belt—it’s often the first impression your customers have of your business. The key to creating a memorable one? It’s all about user experience (UX). Below, the experts at SAUCE Advertising explain why UX is so important. Read on, then call us to help you build an amazing custom site for your business.

What Is User Experience in Web Design?

Website UX is how your website’s users interact with web pages. It’s based on several factors, including how easy the site is to use, how accessible and relevant the information on there is, and how efficiently your users can find what they’re looking for.

Think of your site like a hotel room. If the bed is jammed against the door and you have to climb over it just to get inside, it likely won’t make for a good experience for the guest. But if the room is laid out comfortably, with an inviting entryway and easy access to the bathroom, closets, and mini-fridge, those same guests are more likely to enjoy themselves—and even come back in the future.

Websites work the same way. A good website UX design leads to you meeting your advertising goals, whether you’re looking for traffic or conversions. Users will remember how easy it was to use and are more likely to come back because they know they’ll find what they’re looking for. Those return trips can also bump you up in search rankings.

On the other hand, bad UX design not only leads to users abandoning your site but can also make you plummet in search rankings, causing low site visibility and poor conversion results.

What Are Website UX Best Practices?

You can search for the best UX websites, but you’ll notice that no two are built the same. They do, however, have a few key things in common:

  • Flow: the best user interface (UI) designs understand why users come to the site and efficiently guide them to the right place.
  • Scrolling: the right information and design of any given webpage will keep a user scrolling longer. Headlines and subheads are key to visually breaking up long text.
  • Visuals: Simplifying colors and designs makes for a clean and crisp site.
  • Navigation: clear hierarchies and consistent, easy access to menus at all times lead to better and more efficient user interaction.
  • Links: clarity is key—make links stand out on the page with different colors, and make it clear where it leads to.
  • Buttons: like links, buttons should be easy to see and click on.

Extra Tips and Tricks

The purpose of each webpage should be clear from the get-go. Website users tend to scan text rather than read it, so clearly define each section and always lead off with key information. Keep language simple and clear, too—the average customer doesn’t know your information as well as you do, so they probably won’t understand industry terms and jargon.

Need Help Building the Perfect Website? SAUCE Has You Covered

Today’s web users expect a certain level of ease and sophistication before they trust a site. The experts at SAUCE Advertising know this better than anybody—and we deliver the impactful web development solutions you need to help you build a presence that keeps customers coming back.

Build a better website with our help today—call SAUCE at 262-650-8300.

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