Marketer writes blog on why your business needs a blog on his laptop.

Blogs. You’ve heard about them for years now, but maybe you’ve thought they weren’t important or were only something for personal use. But that’s not true—they also have incredible value for your business. Below, the experts at SAUCE Advertising explain why your business needs a blog (and how we can help). Read it over, then call us to set up a blog today.

Why Blogging Is Important for Your Company

Builds a Connection With Both New and Existing Customers

Think of your blog as an extension of your own brain. There’s no one who knows more than you about your own business, and a blog is a perfect way to show that to your customers. It helps position you as an expert in their eyes and lends credibility to your business that they otherwise wouldn’t see.

Cultivates and Showcases Your Personality

Similar to how you use social media, blogs can be a great way to establish your voice. Whether you’re going for a fun, conversational tone with your content or a more straightforward, informative approach, the voice you use helps readers know who you are and what you’re about.

Boosts Your Website’s Performance

It’s no secret that making Google and other search engines happy is key to your website’s success. Blogging regularly goes a long way toward doing just that. Every time you post a new blog, Google recognizes that as new content and will crawl your website to index the new page. That not only keeps you relevant in its search algorithm, but it can even improve your standings in results.

On the flipside, not blogging can actually hurt you because your site won’t get crawled as frequently. In fact, after a few months of inactivity, Google won’t even look at your site for 60 to 90 days, which will cause you to dip in search results. It’s just one more reason why updating your website is so important.

Drive Traffic to Website

Blogs are incredibly useful as links across all your marketing efforts—especially social media. Every time you push a blog live, you can immediately schedule a social media post linking back to it and send people from your feed straight to your website. It’s easy content for you in multiple places, all leading to the same destination. Plus, that continuity between advertising pieces can help establish your efforts as smart and strategic, which can help build trust with your customers.

Let SAUCE Help You Reap the Benefits of Blogging for Your Business

At SAUCE, we understand why your business needs a blog, which is why one of our specialties is writing them for you. Our creative team does careful research to pick the most important and relevant topics while ensuring top SEO value.

So let us show you the power of blogging first-hand. Call or contact us today to get started.

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