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Most businesses work hard to provide great service for their customers. The only problem? Not every consumer knows about those companies. So how can you increase your number of quality leads while putting your name out there all at once? Google Local Services ads can help. Below, SAUCE Advertising’s experts explain what this service is and how it works.

What Is Google Local Services Ads?

Local Services ads are one of Google’s more recent additions. When customers use the search engine, these ads connect them with the most reputable professionals in their local area. Pretty cool, right? It gets even better: Google then displays those results right at the top of the user’s screen, even before the traditional paid search ads.

This type of Google ad displays three key elements that that will help drive traffic to your business:

  • Google Guaranteed—a green checkmark will show up next to the business name when it’s officially endorsed by Google.
  • Customer rating—oftentimes, your customers may choose your business over others if you have better Google reviews. Local Services ads use the same process when deciding which business to highlight. That’s something you don’t get with pay-per-click ads.
  • Contact information—a customer’s search is no help without knowing how to reach you. Local Services ads will put that info front and center.

Pay Per Lead, Not Per Click

Pay-per-click advertising is tricky. Sometimes, the ad isn’t a good fit for the user, or it becomes too expensive to continue. Fortunately, Google’s Local Services ads skirt around that problem. The function produces qualified leads, connecting the right customer to the right company even when a user searches using the broadest possible terms.

No Muss, No Fuss With Keywords

Usually, keywords research and search engine optimization (SEO) functionality are essential to a good ad. But with Local Services Google ads, that isn’t the case. In fact, you can use them without ever knowing a thing about SEO because Google will automatically implement these ads when a customer searches for one of thousands of relevant search terms.

For example, let’s say you own a dry-cleaning business. Even if customers search for something as vague as “dry cleaning,” Google Local Services ads can display your specific business right at the top of their results.

Starting Is as Easy as 1-2-3

You can set up your own Local Services ad account in three easy steps:

  • Set up your business profile—this will help link the right jobs to your ads. Here you can edit your budget, your job types, your service areas, and your business hours.
  • Fill out your license and insurance info—you need proof that you’re a licensed and insured professional before Google approves you to run these special ads. That includes general liability insurance details, related professional licenses, and registration information.
  • Pass a background check—Google wants to make sure you’re safe and reliable before it sends you into customers’ homes or offices. That’s why they require all businesses to complete a background check before giving them the go-ahead.

After that, the process gets easier. Simply set up your budget—based on how many customers you want per week. SAUCE’s experts recommend spending at least $460, which can net you 20 leads on average.

From there, you can start running your ads on Google. You’re in total control. You can turn the ads on or off depending on when you want to reach new customers.

Google’s Local Services ads is a simple service that could make a world of difference for your business. To set up your account, visit the ads homepage and get started.

Have Questions? Ask SAUCE

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