Business owner sends email campaign using list building strategies.

Great email and direct mail campaigns can go a long way toward helping you get new or repeat business. But there’s more to that success than a clever design or copy that sings. One of the biggest components is the customer list you send your campaigns to. The pros here at SAUCE Advertising are sharing some list building strategies for existing customers you can use to mail your way to success.

How to Build an Email or Direct Mail List

Think Like a Collector

Tina Chovanec, president and owner of SAUCE, says effective list building is all about collection. “Gather as much data from each customer as you can. Go beyond basic contact info—like name, address, phone, and email—to include demographic data like age, gender, and education as well as things like hobbies and interests.”

The idea is to build a clear picture of your target audience so you can match their values, needs, and wants with your content. “Something as simple as tracking where you provide the most service is helpful for targeting a specific customer group,” Tina adds. “When designing your direct mail or eblast campaign, review your database and feature images and messages that appeal to your target audience’s lifestyle.”

Keep Lists Accessible, Secure, and Private

Store your hard-earned customer information in a program that’s secure, yet easy for you to export and update. This makes it simple to change or remove names as requested—which ultimately helps you save time and money.

Also, with an email marketing list, never use data without permission. Getting that helps you receive fewer spam complaints and improves your message’s open and click-thru rates.

Be Creative When Curating Customer Lists

To build a list from scratch or cultivate a better one, consider these methods:

  • Add contact forms to your website to create a targeted customer list
  • If you participate in a tradeshow or other special event, offer a prize in exchange for sharing data
  • Make every contact form easy and clear—don’t risk losing your audience with too many page clicks, survey questions, or contact us fields. Remember, user experience counts.

Cross-Promote Whenever Possible

Effective advertising and marketing are all about reaching your target audience through as many mediums as possible. “Mention direct mail in your emails and mention emails in direct mail,” Tina says. “Then provide a simple way to sign up.”

For example, your list can grow substantially just by promoting email sign-ups on your website or offering subscriber-only specials via direct mail.

Turn to SAUCE for Answers

Even with these list building strategies under your belt, creating successful campaigns can be daunting—especially when it comes to putting together paid lists to pull in prospective customers.

So let SAUCE help.

We’re happy to share our knowledge with clients to help their businesses soar. Give us a call today at 262-650-8300 and ask about our list building services and expertise.

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